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Thanks for stoppin' by, follow the links above to see our complete line of BRANDIN' BUDDIES...The way to put your mini brand on just about everything "brandable!"  Use your mini branding iron to brand leather, wood, steaks, pancakes, bags, or anything that you want to mark as your own. 

You'll find Letters & Numbers, Arrows, Lightning Bolts, Diamonds, Horseshoes, Stars and more. All can be heated with a simple cigarette lighter or mini torch (which we also have available to purchase) for about 10 seconds! No special tools required.


Brandin' Buddies Display
We're the "ORIGINAL" mini branding irons! Established in 1999, BRANDIN' BUDDIES is proud to manufacture a product with such tradition as the rancher's brand. 
Great as a gift, these miniature branding irons can be used as an invaluable identification tool on all your tack.  Knowing the value of your equipment, we are certain our mini branding irons are for you. BRANDIN' BUDDIES is a sign of good 'ol fashion Cowboy Logic...If you Own it, BRAND IT!

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We're all over the USA. You've probably seen us at a trade show in the past, now you can order right here on-line!
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