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Start out with a Brandin' Buddies Gift Certificate!

Available in $50 and $100 amounts, gift certificates are delivered to the purchaser's email inbox (can then be forwarded or printed and mailed to the recipient) and contain a special code the recipient can conveniently use right here at to redeem their gift certificate!

Brandin' Buddies Gift Certificate
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Cowboy Santa - 11" tall - $5.00 ea. 

Assorted Boot Arrangement - $6.00 

Cowboy Western Christmas Tree - 10-13"
height may vary - $6.00 ea.

Cowboy or Cowgirl Heart Hooks - $3.00 

Brand Candle Holders


HIS Bath Scrubber - $2.00  

  HERS Bath Scrubber - $2.00  

Counter - $2.00 ea.  Add Your Name

Train Whistle - $2.00 ea.  Add Your Name

Domino - $2.00 ea.  Add Your Name


Expandable Trivet - $5.00   

3 pc. Wood Utensil Set - $7.00  

6 pc. Boxed Steak Knives - $8.00    Choose Letter  

Luggage Tags - $3.00 ea.

Brand Type - *Enter "Western," "Brands," or you pick from the Pictures Page


3 pc. Stainless Steel Utensil Set - $9.00  

5 pc. Cheese Board - $10.00  

 "You Pick" - *Please enter your choice of brand picture 

Oak Light Switch Plates - $3.00 ea.

Brand Type - *You pick from the Pictures Page

License Plate Bird House (Nevada Only) - $22.00  

*All coasters feature cork on flip side

4 pc. Wood Coasters - $4.00  

 "You Pick" - *Please enter your choice of brand picture 

Cowhide Coasters (Assorted Colors) - $2.00 ea.  

Wooden Coat Rack or Mug Holder - $6.00  

Key Holders - $3.00 ea.  



6 pc. Metal Scarf with 5 Utensils - $10.00  

7 pc. Metal Boot with Scarf and 5 Utensils - $12.00 

7 pc. Gadget Set - $15.00  
*Includes cake server, ice cream scoop, peeler, grater, pizza cutter and can opener


Knife Block with 4 Steak Knives - $10.00  

 "You Pick" - *Please enter your choice of brand picture 

Custom Brands Made to Order!
Fax us your brand or design along with your telephone number today and we
will call you with a quote.
Come back here to complete payment below. 
Prices for custom miniature brands range from $8 - $95. 
No returns or refunds on custom brands.

Custom Brand

 Thank you!  We appreciate your business!

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